Joseph Yacoboni was born on July 13th 1922 to Mary and Antonio Yacoboni. He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on six acres of trees and wildlife. He was an artist from an early age, observing and creating. He appreciated the rhythms of Nature. He was nourished with the abundance of fruit trees, gardens of fresh vegetables, chickens and a goat.
He worked with his father in Landscape Construction creating beauty in natural surroundings. He specialized in Japanese gardens, pagodas, dry river beds rock design and topiaries.

Joseph married Carmel Gallo in 1951 and they began construction of their own home on the family property. The home began as a rectangle surrounded by woods and one wing at a time became a masterpiece of architecture design. It had an upstairs wing that shot out in one direction, the dining room was cantilevered over a cliff and the living room was another wing built around a huge Tulip tree. Carmel and Joseph loved living there and raised three children, Celeste, Ty and Brian.

Joseph designed and built his first dome in 1969; it became known as the Yaca-Dome. It still stands in perfect condition 40 years later. Inspectors come by regularly and marveled at the stability and efficiency of his design. This dome had a 50 foot diameter with cold rolled steel beams that locked into a central hub. There were urethane insulated fiberglass roof and wall panels. Joseph received patents on his design and engineering.

Joseph and Carmel moved to Florida and built many Yaca-Domes there and many others around the United States. These domes have survived many severe storms. They are aero dynamic and self supporting so they are a stable structure in earthquakes and hurricanes. Joseph also designed and patented an Earthquake Bolt in the concrete footer of the Domes.

Joseph was always looking to simplify with efficient use of energy and building materials. He designed a second dome known as the Cottage Air. It has a 32 foot diameter and consists of 60 wooden trapezoidal panels that join in a central hub. He designed and patented a hurricane cable that goes around the dome and inter-locks each panel. Living in Florida with all it’s sunshine, Joseph designed a solar sail on a track that goes around the dome, following the sun and collecting energy.

Some of Joe’s other visions include:
1) Domes used as emergency hospitals that are transported by helicopter into a needed area and erected on site
2) Waxed cardboard domes to be carried in sections in a backpack and assembled for overnight shelter for the homeless.
3) Dome panels being transported on a space shuttle to be self erected on space stations
4) A community of domes inspired by the Tree of Life

Joseph and Carmel have been married for 58 years and continue to vision and work together. Carmel is an artist and author of”4-U” a four ingredient cookbook. Her pen name is Mama Gallo.

As an insight into Joe’s character, here’s one of his quotes when he was 86 years old; “ I think I have another 20 years left in me, I just don’t know if I can get everything done in 20 years”.
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